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The Step Daughters (A True Story) Part 1

Submitted by webmaster on March 9, 2012 (7 years ago)
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Its been 12 years since my then girl friend and I got together. Both of us where separated, and going through divorces and we each had 3 kids of our own. She had her 2 girls living with her at the time we meet, while my ex had my 3 kids living with her.

This happened about a year after she moved in with me and her youngest daughter came out to Toronto, where I lived to visit for a week to go to a Lance Bass rock concert being held at the Rogers Center. Well needless to say, My girl friend and I had sex as often as we could and she was very vocal whenever she had an orgasm, as her former hubby wasn't a very proficient lover and wasn't used to being made to cum many times during our love making sessions. Needless to say, her daughter couldn't help but over hear the noises coming from our bedroom, which was next to her room. When she got back home, she couldn't wait to tell her older sister of how we behaved while she was there. Later we found out, from...
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