Konting Pigil Sa Panggigigil (Part 3)

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Date: June 17, 2019 (5 months ago)

Bro, wait! Si Phil. How's life bro, tanong ko kay Phil, mukhang malungkot eh.
Well, I visited Viola sa bahay nila last night, sagot nya. Uy serious ka talaga ha, kantyaw ko naman. Yun nga, very serious ako. I even gathered enough courage to talk to her Dad. And bro, saklap naman. Bakit, strict ba Dad nya, pinagbawalan ka bang manligaw, tinutukan ka ba ng baril??! Sunod sunod kong tanong.

Mabait yong Dad, kaso di pa daw puedeng ligawan si Viola, bro. Kasi 15 pa lang sya!!! Ano!? Bigla kong tanong. I thought 18 na yun. Yun din akala ko kaso tagal nating kausap di man lang natin naitanong kung ilang taon na sya. Pag 18 na daw, puede ko ng ligawan si Viola bro.

Medyo nabuhayan ako ng loob, isip ko baka mainip si Phil at maghanap ng iba. But his next statement floored me. Sabi nya, bro, Im willing to wait at di ako mag ggf ng iba.

Bro, I saw you the other day with Jud, kayo na ba? Phil asked me point blank. Yes, bro, naging kami the other day din lang. So nagsex kayo, straight nyang tanong. Yeah, nagsex kami bago naging kami, hahaha. Sagot ko naman. Pero bro, I like her as a person even before, kaya madaling mahalin as a gf, patuloy ko.

Watch ako ha, next time na magsex kayo, Phil uttered, and I just muttered a simple yes. I was concerned na baka di ako maka perform ng husto kung may mag cricritique.

We talked with Viola from time to time, pero puro kumustahan at studies, nothing romantic kasi di pa puedeng ligawan.

With Jud, everytime masolo ko sya sa kanila, we always made out. No sex, just necking and petting until we both come, me fingering her and she jerking me off.

One time after we both had our explosions, I broached the idea of Phil watching while we do each other. I told her that I've watched him fuck his exes many times. But that he's serious with Viola so he won't fuck another girl anymore and will just be contented in watching.

Jud was very hesitant at first, pero mahal yata talaga ako kaya pumayag din. She made me guarantee na Phil won't join us in our fuck session.

That day came sooner than anticipated when classes were cancelled early one day. So Phil reserved a room at a 3-star hotel. The three of us went there together. Phil checked in and we all went up the room. Jud was very apprehensive. Who wouldn't be. Any nice girl would hesitate with the idea of somebody watching her being fucked.

We had conversation about varied topics until Phil signaled me to start. I invited Jud to shower. The shower area had a transluscent glass wall, so medyo kita ang nasa loob.

Once inside the shower area, I started kissing Jud, tender kisses first on her lips, cheeks, ears, neck. She was into it, moaning in satisfaction and caressing the back of my neck.

We began to do deep kissing, open mouth, with our tongues exploring the recesses of our mouths. Sarap talaga ng feeling. As I kissed her deeply, I began to remove her tops including her bra. Her twin peaks sprang proudly when I took off her bra. I immediately grabbed both her boobs and squeezed them, then sucked her nipples alternately. Jud seemed to like my hard mashing of her breasts.

I took off her shorts and panty in one swoosh. I love looking at her clean shaven pussy, so inviting, so irresistable. I knelt, lifted one of her legs and began licking her pussy. I pushed my tongue inside her and flicked it against the clit. She almost crumbled to the floor when I did that. Ohhh Bri, that feels so good she moaned so I continued to lick and suck on her pussy vigorously. Bri Bri ayyy ayyy ahhhhhhhh Bri annnggg sarrraaapppp. Sige pahhh ohhhhhhh gadhhh then bigla syang nagkikisay. Nanghina na syang tuluyan and collapsed on me. Nagtawanan kami. We got up and she tooked off all my clothes.

We went under the shower and turned it on. Warm water fell on us as we embraced and kissed. It was like making out under the rain. Great feeling indeed.

We then soaped each other and when our bodies were fully lathered, I pressed my body on hers as she leaned on the wall. I began to rub her boobs with my chest. Our bodies were both slippery with soap and the rubbing sensation made me very hard. She grabbed it and began to gently pump it. Now, it was my turn to moan. Her soft hand and even paced pumping triggered my quick release. I moaned long as I splashed my juice on her legs.

We showered to remove the suds from our bodies. We toweled off each other. She put on the hotel white bathrobe while I just wrapped a towel around my waist. We both emerged from the bathroom smiling. We looked at Phil at the same time and saw him grinning from ear to ear.

Bro, Jud, that was a very erotic shower scene I saw, Phil said, with sparkle in his eyes. Halatang nag enjoy sa panonood.

We ordered room service and had our fill which energized me. I whispered to Jud, second round tayo sa bed. She whispered back, passionate and sweet lovemaking lang sweetie. Saka na lang yung wild pag tayo lang. I nodded.

I guided her to the king size bed. We sat by the edge and began making out again. Phil positioned himself on the chair right next to the bed.

I removed her bathrobe and saw Phil perk up when he saw Jud in all her naked glory. As I have mentioned, Jud is not mestiza but she has fair complexion, her boobs would make any guy drool, her shapely ravishing bod could cause any man to salivate.

I caressed her boobs while I kiss and suck on them like a hungry baby. Not hard sucking, but obviouly gigil na gigil. I noticed Phil began to have a hard on. He removed his pants and boxers and began to jerk off slowly, parang ninanamnam ang pinapanood nya. Nakita din ni Jud so binulungan nya ako, sweetie, pasukin mo na ko para matapos na. I understood her, she was just allowing Phil to watch because I requested for it.

Inihiga ko si Jud and I positioned myself in between her legs. I aligned my dick right to her love hole, shoot, pasok. I made a gentle thrusting motion until my dick completely disappeared in her hospitable hole.

I began my slow even paced thrusting. I felt the inside of her juicy pussy quivering, grasping tightly my throbbing manhood. Ohhhh I love this Bri and I love you hmmmmm whispered Jud to my ear as I continue to drill her. It seemed that Jud had already forgotten that a pair of eyes were feasting on our lovemaking.

Harder sweetie, fuck me harder ohhhhh ordered Jud. I'm an obedient bf so I increased the pressure and intensity of my thrusting. I put both her legs on my shoulders and drilled deeper while mashing hard both her boobs. Jud was now delirious. Fuck Bri yan ganyan nga, baon mo paaaaah ahhhhhh ang saraaapppp. Uhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh yon na lang ang sound na lumalabas sa open mouth ni Jud until her legs and thigh muscles began to stiffen and she simultaneoualy expelled a loud ahhhhhhheiiiiiiiiiiiihhh and convulsed. I had to hold on her raised legs on my shoulder because her convulsions were a bit strong.

When her orgasmic tremors subsided, I continued drilling her hole. Now, I was focusing on my own orgasm so I fucked her hard, savagely, as if I was a man possessed. But before I could explode, Jud came again, Bri sweetieeee yan na naman akohhhh ohhhh ahhhhhh uhmmmmm. Her moaning served as my impetus to have my own eruption. I'm coming naaahhhh. Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh as I pumped and relea...
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