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Crazy Girl Series: Manic-Depressive Mariz

Submitted by shobe.sheen via FSS on Saturday, 4 October 2014, 08:47 PM
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Crazy Girl Series: Manic-Depressive MarizVince was on his way to his bestfriend’s condo unit. Napagpasyahan niyang doon muna manatili ng ilang araw sapagkat ginugulo siya ng kanyang ex-girlfriend. Matagal na silang nagbreak subalit hindi pa rin ito maka-move on at kunukulit siyang makipagbalikan. Ayaw niya na rito. Lahat nalang ng babae pinagseselosan nito.

Pagkarating niya sa condo unit ng kaibigan niyang si Mike, dinukot niya ang spare key sa kanyang bulsa at binuksan ang pinto. May spare keys sila sa kani-kanilang unit para malaya silang nakakapasok kung kinakailangan. Alam niya naman na hindi na ginagamit ni Mike ang condo nito sapagkat may sarili na itong bahay kasama ang misis nitong si Trisha. Nagpasyang magpatayo ng sariling bahay ang dalawa dahil magkaka-baby na ang mga ito.

Pumasok na siya at dumerecho sa refrigerator upang uminom ng tubig. Bitbit niya ang kanyang bag at tinungo ang kwarto. Hindi naka-lock ang doorknob kaya madali siyang nakapasok. Nagulat siya nang tumambad sa kanya ang isang foreigner na nakahubad at nilalaro ang sarili gamit ang isang vibrator. Nakapikit ito at umuungol na animo’y nasasarapan. Hindi siya nakapagsalita. Nakatitig lang siya sa babae. Napakasarap nitong tingnan. She has long, wavy light brown hair, thin lips, long shapely legs and a handful of breasts. Naramdaman niyang sumikip ang kanyang pantalon. He’s having a hard-on. He’s trying to imagine that he’s in between those wide spread legs instead of that vibrator. Ini-imagine niya na kinakain niya ang pinkish pussy nito habang umuungol at napapasigaw ito sa sarap.

“What the fuck!” Nagulat siya sa high-pitched na boses nito na may halong American accent. Yun na yata ang pinaka-seksing pakinggan na “fuck” para sa kanya. Hindi siya nakailag nang ibato nito sa kanya ang vibrator. Tumama ito sa dibdib niya at nalaglag sa sahig.

“Who the hell are you?! What are you doing here?! How did you manage to get in?!” Sunod-sunod na tanong nito habang tumatayo mul...

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Sessions with Doc Jenny: The College Girl and the High School Loser

Submitted by ShePshrink via FSS on Saturday, 4 October 2014, 04:25 AM
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I was out with my family one summer during the early years of Punta Fuego when it was still really exclusive and was all the hype. I would normally sit by a tree and read or tan while my brothers and sister frolicked around in the sand or in the water.

So while I was sitting by the sea one morning, I noticed a bunch of high school boys that kept walking by me (or behind me). I felt like they were trying to get my attention as a bunch of them gathered somewhere else would get rowdier or louder as maybe one or two of them neared my location. I guess they thought it was "cool" if they sounded really loud as if they owned the place.

There were maybe seven of these boys and less than half of them (maybe three of them) had female companions and so the rest were by their lonesome.

So this went on and I kept seeing them around the place like at the jacuzzi's, bowling alley, billiards, restaurant. What struck me though was one particular boy. I noticed him because even though they're supposed to be friends (I mean why would they bring the other boy to Punta Fuego?), the other boys seemed to be bullying him around. This boy was your typical, off-the-shelf, couldn't-be-more stereotypical nerd: fat, pimples, messed up hair, thick glasses and this look as if he hadn't taken a bath for a week.

But I guess my heart went out for him because he kind-of resembled my baby brother who was also a little chubby kid (then).

One night as I was walking around alone, I saw them hanging out by the billiard tables again. Then I see this kid by himself in a corner just watching his "friends" play billiards as they showed how macho they were to the 3 girls they were with.

So I go there and ask him "may I sit with you?", as I beamed him a smile. The poor thing actually got shocked and was only able to stutter something which I got as a sort of "yes."

I chat him up and asked him what the heck was up with him and the b...

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Sessions with Doc Jenny: The Cheating Girlfriend and the High School Crush

Submitted by ShePshrink via FSS on Saturday, 4 October 2014, 04:17 AM
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I’ve had quite a few of these experiences but let’s start with this one for now.

This was way back when I was still 23 and was in the middle of getting a degree in Psychiatry. I had a very good boyfriend then, who was already a doctor but was older than me by 7 years. Let’s call him Marc.

Marc was a very nice person. Very kind, clean cut, religious and was already made as he had a thriving medical practice. He also comes from a very well-to-do family of doctors and so all of his earning were just his. He had had his own house, car (several cars) and savings.

And then there was me, the college groupie, artist, party girl who was still trying to enjoy life to the fullest.

Looking-back, I think it was the natural doctor in Marc that attracted him to me. He probably wanted to save me and cure me.

Marc would always be very supportive and he would make every effort to join whenever I wanted to watch some indie gig or go to parties even though I could see that it bored him to death. So in my effort to be a considerate girlfriend, I’ve convinced him on a setup where we’d go out for dinner then he’d drop me off at a friend’s gig or party or whatever and he’d go his own way and have his time with his boring friends and then we’ll meet again afterwards when I’ll be all drunk and horny and fuck his brains own at his condo.

It would usually be vanilla sex though. Don’t get me wrong, he’s very well endowed and eats pussy like a pro (probably because of his knowledge in anatomy) but our sex would always be warm and tender as opposed to rough and sweaty, dirty sex which I would crave for once in a while. He’s told me about his past experiences and I know he also had his share of adventures when he was younger but he explains that he just loves and respects me too much and is unable to do the things he’s done with other girls.

So one time after having dinner, he dropped me off...

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Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part 1

Submitted by ShePshrink via FSS on Saturday, 4 October 2014, 04:13 AM
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It’s been a very toxic month for the both of us and my then-boyfriend and I felt we deserved some pampering. That’s why we decided to treat ourselves; hati kami, I got us a room for the weekend at the EDSA Shangrila and he got us a couple’s package at the Chi Spa.

It was Friday evening when we checked-in and we’ve just finished having dinner at the Shangrila mall beside the hotel.

We rushed to the room kasi our appointment was at 9pm, which was also the last call I think. It was already 8pm and I had wanted to rest a bit before going to the massage. Ayoko naman ng sobrang busog habang minamasahe.

So when we got to the room, I just partially laid myself down on the bed such that my legs were still dangling off the sides and I just kicked off my heels. The room had warm lighting and it was so soothing that I just had to close my eyes for a bit.

I don’t know how long it was but I was woken up by light kisses on my neck and shoulders. I open my eyes and saw that it was my boyfriend, straddled on all-fours on top of me. He continued what he was doing and I close my eyes again to enjoy the touch of his lips as I held onto his back.

I then felt him lay down beside me and slowly reach in between my legs and into my skirt. I remember telling him to stop and that we didn’t have time but he was stronger than me and his touches has left me really weak and horny so I just let him have his way. He was laying on his side beside me on the bed, he moved his head nearer to mine and I just opened up my legs to let his hands cup my panty-covered pussy.

He started rubbing and fondling my pussy over my panties as he kept on kissing me on the lips. He kept at it for a few minutes before breaking off the kiss and the fondling. He quickly unbuttoned my blouse and kind of just shoved down my bra to expose my breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and started fondling my pussy again – this time, his h...

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Ang Mga Malulupit na Engkwentro ni Bong Vol.1 : Ang Sekyu Ch. 7

Submitted by thirdfromtheback via FSS on Friday, 3 October 2014, 11:19 AM
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Ang Mga Malulupit na Engkwentro ni Bong Vol.1 : Ang Sekyu Ch. 7[IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

(Note: this story is an original work that was written and originally posted by me as the author under the username backpfeifengesicht on other sites and is being reposted here for me to be able to share it with a wider audience. All the bylines of the below story used in different sites pertain to one and the same author, which is myself. Enjoy!)


Umatras si Tricia sa kama hanggang natanggal ang pagkapasok ng tite ni Bong sa kaniyang hiyas, bago ito yumuko at isinubo ang ari ni Bong na may nakabalot paring condom. Tinikman ni Tricia ang buong kahabaan nito bago niya iniluwa at tumingin kay Bong.

"I can taste myself on your cock..." Nakangiti nitong sabi.

Nagulat na naramdaman ni Bong na hinawakan ni Tricia ang ilalim ng suot na condom at hinubad ito. Itinapon niya ang pirasong goma sa sahig bago muling pumuwesto ang dalagita sa ilalim ng lalaking gigil na gigil na sa isipang mararamdaman na niya ang kalahatan ng puki ng napakagandang dalagang pinapatungan niya.

"I want you to do me without a rubber..." Sabi nito kay Bong.

Hindi na nagatubili pa ang lalaki. Hinawakan ulit ni Bong at itinutok ulit ang kaniyang titeng tumitibok na sa hindi mapigilang gunamgunam.

Tumango si Bong at hinanda ang sarili na madama ang kalahatan ng pagkababae ng dalagita. Kumadyot siya, malalim at madiin, at swabeng swabe itong pumasok ng buo sa basang kepyas ng babae na halos wala man lang resistance.

"Uh, God!" Sigaw ng babae at napaliyad ulit sa sensasyon ng hubad na titeng ni Bong na humahagod sa kaniyang kalooban.

"Ahhhh shit!" malakas din umungol si Bong ng nagbalot na sa kaniyang pagkalalaki ang likas na pakiramdam ng puki ni Tricia na walang nakaharang na goma. Napakasikip. Napakaba...

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